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At Baker Design, our exceptional team of interior designers is poised to bring your project's unique vision to life. Whether it's about realizing bold ideas or turning ambitious plans into reality, our designers are perfectly equipped to guide you at every step. With their certifications as a solid foundation, our experts can assist you across a spectrum of aspects, ranging from the most innovative concepts to astute color selections, and through the meticulous curation of materials and decorative elements. Let us craft the perfect palette for your project, thanks to unparalleled expertise and a fervent dedication to excellence in interior design.

Our most, recent projects

Our designers can help you design your perfect space whether you are renovating your home, upgrading your commercial space, or building a brand new residential or commercial area.


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  • Looking to remodel the kitchen?
    Here is what will help you.
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  • Looking to remodel the bathroom?
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  • Step #3 : Revision
    Final project walkthrough after modifications have been made. Addressing any project questions or concerns. Reviewing the chosen materials, plan, and quote to ensure everything is to our client's liking.
  • Step #7 : Project commencement
    After all these steps are completed and the materials have arrived, we will begin!
  • Step #6 : Ordering materials
    The designer will order all materials for your project and ensure that everything is on its way. Once everything is ordered, the designer will inform the project manager of the potential project start date. Our project manager will then contact our client to schedule the project.
  • Step #5 : Site measurement
    Our project manager will come to take the measurements needed for the project. The designer will also be on-site to ensure that all necessary measurements are taken. This will ensure that all designs and plans remain accurate and ready for ordering.
  • Step #4 : Project contract signing
    During this step, the client and the designer will go through the project contract together, sign it, and provide the 50% deposit. This step will ensure that both the clients and the designers are aligned on everything, allowing them to relay the information to the project manager.
  • Step #1 : Consultation | Material Selection
    During the initial consultation, our designers will thoroughly assess all your project needs and desires. We will discuss budget, timeframe, materials, dimensions, and much more! Once we have gathered this information, we will commence the material selection process, assisting you in creating a space that represents who you are!
  • Step #2 : Project presentation
    During this meeting, our designers will present you with the plans they have drawn for your space. They will go through the details of the project: colors, style, patterns, timeframe, budget, layout, etc. Together, our client and designer will adjust the plans and make changes to perfect the space before the next meeting. *If there are no changes, Step #3 might be skipped.

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Our Designer

La mission de Baker Design

Se sentir bien chez soi, c'est ce que nous, nous efforçons de faire pour vous chaque jour chez Baker Design.

Chaque famille veut se sentir bien chez elle et chez Baker Design nous sommes là pour vous aider à y parvenir !


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